Did you purchase the original Eurobass library? Then you were one of the many people who helped us create its much-improved successor, the Eurobass II. We sincerely couldn't have done it without your support. To say 'thank you', we have made Eurobass II FREE for anyone who owns the original library. This article will show you how to claim and install your free upgrade.

Note: This guide assumes you have the original Eurobass library installed and working on your computer. If you do not, please refer to 'Installation Guide: Eurobass II' tutorial on how to install the Eurobass II library from scratch.

Step 1
Check Your Email

We will be issuing everyone who purchased the original Eurobass library a free upgrade shortly after launch. This email will contain your new download link. If you have not received this email by April 13th, please contact support.

Step 2
Remove Eurobass

This update will replace Eurobass. Browse to the folder 'EUROBASS' where you installed the original Eurobass library.

Note: This path can be found in Native Access by clicking on 'Installed Products', 'EUROBASS', 'Installation Path'.

Delete the folder 'EUROBASS'.

Note: It may be a good idea to move this folder to a storage drive until version 2 is successfully installed.

Return to Native Access. Eurobass should have an error against it with the option to 'Repair'.

Note: If the error message does not present itself, click the refresh button in the top right hand corner of Native Access.

Step 3
Download and Extract Your Files

Use the link in the email to download 'Eurobass'.

Note: Download attempts are limited, so plan accordingly and ensure you backup these files appropriately.

Once downloaded, extract 'Eurobass' to the location you wish to keep the sample library. The extracted file size is approximately 6.12GB.

Note: Moving these files after installation can cause issues, so move them now to their final location.

Step 4
Repair Library

Open Native Access. Click 'Repair' and then 'Relocate' on 'EUROBASS'.

Browse to the folder 'EUROBASS' you extracted in step 3. Once the folder is selected, click 'Relocate' and you should see Eurobass is now version 2.0 in Native Access.

Note: If the error is still present, click the refresh button in the top right hand corner of Native Access.

Using Eurobass II

Run Kontakt/Kontakt Player. (Either standalone or in DAW)
'EUROBASS II' will display in the Library Browser to the left hand side.
Clicking on 'Instruments' under the EUROBASS II Logo will display the Instrument.
Double click the instrument to load it.
Clicking on the arrow under the EUROBASS II logo will display a menu where you can find the product manual.
Refer to the product manual and the Kontakt Player manual for more in depth information.
That's it!