Installation Guide: PunkBass

PunkBass requires Kontakt Player 6.1 or later. If you already satisfy this requirement, proceed to Step 2.

Step 1
Install Kontakt Player & Native Access

Head over to the Kontakt Player download page: click here.
Enter your Email and Country, then click the 'GET DOWNLOAD LINK' button.
Native Instruments will email you a download link for Native Access.
Click the link to proceed to the download page.
The other link offering free sounds is not required for this product. Download them if you wish.
Download the Installer for your operating system.
Install Native Access using the Install file you just downloaded.

Run Native Access. It may need to perform an update, in which case follow the prompts.
If you already have a Native ID account:
Enter your email and password and click 'LOGIN'.
If you do not have a Native ID account:
Click 'Create a Native ID account'.
Enter your email, choose a password, agree to the EULA and click 'CREATE ACCOUNT'.
You should now be logged in to Native Access. Kontakt Player can be found in the 'Not Installed' tab.
Click 'Install' under Kontakt Player and follow the prompts to install Kontakt Player.
You have a Native ID account.
You have installed Native Access.
You have Installed Kontakt Player.
You have updated Kontakt Player to version 6.1 or later.

Step 2
Download And Extract PunkBass

When you purchased PunkBass, you received an email containing your personal download link and serial number.
Use the link to download
Note: There is a maximum of 3 download attempts. Please be aware of this limitation and backup your files accordingly.
Extract to your desired location.
eg: Sample Drive\Virtual Instruments\SubMission Audio
Below is an ideal folder structure

Step 3
Authorize PunkBass In Native Access

Run Native Access and login.
Click 'Add a serial' in the upper left hand corner.
Enter your serial number.
After entering a valid serial number, you will be asked to browse to the folder where you extracted '' in Step 2.
Click the 'Browse' button and locate the folder named 'PunkBass'.
It will not accept anything other than the folder named 'PunkBass'. Ensure you select the exact folder, not the parent folder or drive. See images below.
Click 'INSTALL'.
You have authorized PunkBass in Native Access and it appears in 'Installed products'.

Using PunkBass

Note: Double check you are running Kontakt 6.1 or later, this can be found by looking at 'installed products' in Native Access.
Run Kontakt/Kontakt Player. (Either standalone or in DAW)
'PunkBass' will display in the Library Browser to the left hand side.
Clicking on 'Instruments' under the PunkBass Logo will display the Instrument.
Double click the instrument to load it.
Clicking on the arrow under the PunkBass logo will display a menu where you can find the product manual.
Refer to the product manual and the Kontakt Player manual for more in depth information.
 That's it!


A small number of our users have experienced the following issues, and these are the fixes we have found to work in each case.

Native Access fails to activate PunkBass. I get the error message:
"The serial number does not belong to a known product".


  1. Navigate to the following directory: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Native Instruments\Service Center
  2. Delete all the .xml files in there.
  3. Restart Native Access.
  4. Your serial number should now be recognised and accepted.
  1. Navigate to the following directory: Macintosh HD > Library > Application Support > Native Instruments > Service Center
  2. Delete all the .xml files in there.
  3. Restart Native Access.
  4. Your serial number should now be recognised and accepted.

PunkBass does not show up in the Kontakt Library window. Attempting to load the library manually fails.

1. Open the standalone version of Kontakt.

2. If the library is displayed in the standalone version, click the NI logo in the top right hand corner of Kontakt to display the about screen. You should see version 6.1 or higher.

3. Return to your DAW and open Kontakt. Click the NI logo again, and inspect the version. Chances are you will see an older version.

This issue is due to the preferences settings in Native Access. This area allows you to set the install path for the plugin versions of Kontakt. The path listed here is different to what the old version of Kontakt was installed to. Your DAW is scanning for plugins in a different location, and finding and loading the old version of Kontakt.

4. Locate the folder your DAW is scanning for plugins. Delete the old Kontakt files listed here.

5. Open the folder Native Access has been set to install plugins to. Move the Kontakt files from here to the folder in step 4.

6. Restart your DAW and load Kontakt. You should now see the library.

7 (optional). Set the install path in Native Access to the correct path, to avoid this issue in future updates.

If you have confirmed that both the standalone and DAW version of Kontakt is version 6.1 or higher, and you are still unable to load the library, contact support.