What is truBass?

truBass allows you to program powerful bass-specific articulations in your DAW’s MIDI piano roll, these articulations are triggered and altered via MIDI key switching, velocity curves and automation. truBass allows you to have the most realistic 'Human' performance in any of our virtual instruments to date.

Please watch the video above or read the transcript below to understand why upgrading to a truBass instrument will revolutionise your productions today.

For assistance on how to program your MIDI in our truBass instruments, please click the image below.

How to program truBass


Ever since the release of our GroveBass instrument, you've been hearing us use the term 'truBass'.

truBass is our internal designation for the host of new technologies developed as part of our latest generation of virtual basses. It refers to a number of different modules, which all come together to create the most realistic virtual bass instruments in the industry.

In this video, we'll explore what those are.

truBass contains a proprietary internal logic, which triggers specifically-nuanced samples based on the performance being fed to it. This ties into our core tempo-based alternate picking algorithm, and takes it to the next level, by analyzing the qualities of the performance information being fed in.

This means that for any given performance, a truBass instrument is going to sound immediately more realistic next to a non-truBass instrument.

truSlides are our custom implementation of a logic which allows sliding from any note on the fretboard, to any other note on the fretboard, while maintaining realistic energy decay. This allows programming of extremely intricate, multi-part slide passages, all without breaking realism.

What's more, is that we've mapped acceleration and deceleration curves based on real players' techniques, meaning that slides happen in a realistic fashion. As the frets near the nut are physically larger than the ones closer to the bridge, we get a natural cadence to the speed of slides, which are all perfectly recreated by our truSlide logic.

truLegato contains our logic encapsulating hammer-ons, pull-offs and tapping. truLegato can be employed anywhere on the virtual fretboard, allowing for immensely realistic legato recreation, by keeping string tone consistent.

Force String and Position are features which control the virtual fretboard. These are used to select the exact string that each note is played on, with its respective tonal character. For a more 'open' sound, the logic can be told to use the lowest possible frets. For something a little more choked and thick, Position can be used to artificially limit the frets used, or Force String can be programmed for playback on the exact strings intended for the performance. This allows matching of real guitar performances, 1 to 1.

Humanize allows for a select degree of velocity randomization, emulating the natural cadence of a real player.

Slap, pop, thump, harmonic and mute articulations are all sampled in contextually relevant ways, leading to extremely realistic recreation of these techniques.

With all of these integrated elements, truBass is the powerful foundation of our second generation of virtual basses - creating unparalleled programing flexibility and realism.

We sincerely hope you enjoy using this technology, and feel privileged to be part of realizing your artistic vision.

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