• Runs in the FREE Kontakt Player - no extra expense!
  • INSTANT mix-ready, world class bass tone.
  • Easily write perfectly-tuned bass lines.
  • Multi-sampled plectrum strokes, ranging from soft to pulverizing.
  • Industry-leading tempo-synced alternate picking algorithm.
  • Array of articulations to humanize the performance.
  • The sound of brand new strings, all the time.
  • Intuitive, reactive GUI.
  • Subtle stereo widener for increased mix presence.
  • The joy of recording without a bass player.
  • Thousands of samples.
  • Crafted through two decades of combined recording experience.
  • Note range: E0 to E4. (Drop tune a whole octave below standard!)
Includes 3 Unique Tonal Variants:
DI - Captured straight out of the instrument, using pristine world-class studio gear. The perfect starting point for any bass sound. Sounds great through your favourite plugins, pedals, amplifiers and cabinets.
Clean - Re-amped through classic Ampeg gear for that timeless throaty clean bass tone. A universal bass sound that will suit virtually any genre.
Distortion - Re-amped through world-class gear from Darkglass Electronics & Neural DSP, then mixed down for a great set-and-forget heavy tone. Nailing the low end in a dense metal track has never been this easy.