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LockOn is an ultra-precision tuner in a minimalist package.

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As lifelong studio engineers, we were never quite satisfied with the range of plugin guitar tuners on the market. The existing options always seemed to fall short of the revered hardware strobe tuners for accuracy and convenience. LockOn was our answer.

LockOn is an ultra-precision tuner in a minimalist package. Its unrivalled ability to track ultra-low pitch on stringed instruments quickly and accurately is its defining feature.

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The rapid, vector-based dual strobe/cents-meter display offers the best of both worlds, allowing extreme tuning precision in an intuitive package.

The UI is infinitely resizable, allowing for both 'fast' and 'slow' tracking modes, so you can tune exactly how you want.

LockOn comes in both free and pro variants:
The free version notifies users of product deals on the SubMission Audio store via an in-app banner. The pro version removes the banner and the 'free' logo.


Tuning Range: C0 - B8 (so drop C... and then down another octave!)

Frequency Range: 14Hz - 8kHz (that's lower than human hearing!)

Dual Display: Cents-based LED bar tuner & rotating strobe tuner for maximum precision.

Tuning Speed: Choose between 'Fast' and 'Slow' tracking speeds, to suit your preference.

Display Preference: Choose whether the display denotes sharps or flats, depending on your musical sensibility.

Reference Frequency: Alters the tuner's foundation by adjusting the base calibration frequency. Default is A = 440Hz.

Mute Output: Silences the output.




Jesse Zuretti

Riot Games, Marvel

“Something magical physically happens when you tune an instrument perfectly. I tuned 8 instruments to absolute perfection using LockOn - including a 5 string electric cello, 5 string electric violin, an 8 string guitar, two 7 strings, three 6 strings, and a 5 string bass. This tuner now lives in every template I use for composing music.”


John Douglass

Whitechapel, Alluvial, The Contortionist

“I always have a hardware strobe tuner in front of me, and LockOn is even more accurate than my hardware! You know how you hit that low F# on bass and your pedal tuner starts having a seizure or gives you the silent treatment? Not anymore, LockOn is fast and STUPID ACCURATE! No longer will we have to suffer through the ‘quarter-tone-sharp octave chords’ in your latest pop punk masterpiece, because now you have a SICK TUNER and you have no more excuses. Now take this and fix that damned G string!”


Dann Arisi

“I've never experienced such an accurate, easy to use and pleasant to look tuner. As a metal bass player I can say that it doesn't miss a beat on very low tuning and SLOW MODE makes it even more precise.”


Ville Tikkanen

“LockOn is honestly a real pleasure to use. The tuner is accurate and stable and doesn’t wobble around in a glitchy way, which can often happen with low tunings. I especially love the Slow mode, it’s so smooth! Tuning your guitar while recording is never fun, but this plugin can make your life just a bit easier. Ultimately, that’s what it’s all about.”


Patrick Somulay

“This tuner is a massive life saver for recording our (Reflections) music. It is easily the most responsive and perfect tuner that accurately tracks low tunings with extreme precision. Definitely already a staple in my workflow. Bless you SubMission Audio.”


Keyan Houshmand

“LockOn tracks low notes better than some physical tuners on the market that actually cost money. This plugin is a no brainer if you own a guitar or bass.”


Jacob Umansky

“I can't handle how good this tuner is.”

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Customer Reviews

Based on 346 reviews
Marcus Stone
LockOn? More like LockedIn.

This tuner keeps me absolutely dialed while I’m tuning my bass or guitar. When I’m getting after it and trying to stay locked in and in tune I always reach for LockOn.

Dale Robertson

Love the low range and interface

Loren Littlejohn
As good as it gets for a software based tuner.

So many tuners don't go low enough or flub out with harmonics and don't work. This thing rivals my peterson. A+ would buy again.

Zachary Smith
So sick!

Keeps up with my tuning pedals and rack tuners in a way more convenient workflow

Ben, the Bear

Hands down best tuner (digital and/or virtual) I've ever used in my 24 years of music playing/recording. I'll be patiently waiting to buy a version for mobile!


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