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Influenced by iconic bands like Blink 182, PunkBass is a virtual instrument which nails that timeless sound, based on a Fender Mark Hoppus P-Bass.

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As a group of millennials who came of age in the early 2000s, we’ve always had a fondness for the fresh, youthful sound of pop punk. It was a genre seemingly written specifically for us.

With PunkBass, our goal is to share the magic of that time with you.


Some of the greatest commercial rock mixes in history were created during that period, and PunkBass empowers you with the tools to recapture that sound.

Based on our custom modded Fender Mark Hoppus P-Bass, this meticulously sampled virtual instrument makes achieving commercial pop, punk and rock tones an absolute breeze. Immense attention to detail was placed on every aspect of the recording, from the pickup wiring through to the strings, picks, cables and recording hardware used.

Packed with all the features you need to get a great commercial bass sound immediately, PunkBass is our customer favourite virtual bass for a reason.


Our design ethos behind PunkBass is to immediately place great commercial bass tones at your fingertips, the moment you load the instrument. As a result, we’ve packed it with 3 tones representing 3 distinctly different use-cases:


DI: The raw sound of the instrument, captured directly via high end, studio-grade recording hardware. Process as you would any other bass - using your favourite plugins, pedals or amps. This allows ultimate flexibility; mix the bass on your own terms.


First Bass: A tone distinctly modeled on the finished bass sound of a hugely popular early 2000s pop-punk record, as mixed by one of the greatest engineers on the planet.

It’s distinctly twangy, with a beautifully springy upper midrange, all while not being too overbearing. It acts as a perfect supplement to your guitar tracks. As we’ve taken the liberty to premix it for you, it embeds itself into your music with minimal post-processing.


Teen Fuzz: For those times you want something which creates more of an impression. The ‘Teen Fuzz’ tone was run through an array of analogue pedals, and mixed down to a thick, throaty finished sound, which acts as a fantastic supplement to any lightly or fully-distorted guitars.

Like ‘First Bass’, this tone is completely premixed, allowing you to get straight to the business of being creative.


As we are an official Native Instruments partner, PunkBass runs in the industry standard free Kontakt Player, meaning you don’t have to worry about any additional hidden costs.

Kontakt is the most widely used and widely compatible sampler in the industry, meaning there is a robust team of professionals available to make it work perfectly for you.

The tuning range of PunkBass is G0 (far lower than the real-life bass guitar can handle) up to D4. It’s been tuned perfectly across the entire note range, so it can act as a tuning reference whenever you’re recording guitars.

It features pick (plectrum) articulations, ghost notes, hammer ons, pull-offs, natural harmonics and slides.

PunkBass was sampled with brand new steel strings, meaning that you always get that lovely ‘packet fresh’ tone, with no wear down. The average professional bass recording session often costs several times the price of PunkBass in string packets alone.

Included is our proprietary tempo-synced alternate picking algorithm, giving you utmost flexibility in choosing how your music is performed.

Additionally, we’ve included a pre-mixed stereo chorus to help widen the bass presence in the mix. This is a novel trick used in commercial mixes to glue the bass with the guitars.

Above all, PunkBass offers you the joy of recording without being at the mercy of a bass player. It will always play the correct notes, on time, and never talk back to you or argue.


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Beau Burchell

Moose Blood, Saosin, Senses Fail

“PunkBass is by far the best sounding bass instrument available. Not only is it the best sounding, it is the most convincing I've heard to date. I don't know how they did it, but it's incredible. It is a must have for writing, beefing up or replacing bass tracks. Nothing else comes close.”


Forrester Savell

Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus

“Punkbass has really impressed me with its instantly classic sound, grit and flexibility as a song-writing tool, especially when you need that punchy P-Bass tone. Hats off to Submission for creating an iconic and versatile instrument.”


Ryan 'Fluff' Bruce

Riffs Beards and Gear

“PunkBass instantly transfers me back to 2001.....except this time my bass tones are punchy and I can afford my car insurance! If you play in genres outside of extreme metal, PunkBass is your go-to for big rock and punk bass tones!”

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Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
Solid Bass Plugin

Really like the Blink-182 vibes

mateo camargo

just incredible, I’ve used it for punk, pop, metal and funk

Carlos Huerta
The sound of punk!

I was having a hard time trying to find a bass plugin that could do the things you can do with this one and sound natural, worth every penny!

Nicholas Quiroz
Excellent Bass

I love PunkBass, extremely versatile bass that I use for punk and for metal core. This is the best MIDI bass I have used in regards to volume, the volume stays even when you use higher notes on this bass, others don’t have that consistency. Highly recommend this bass if you do anything from Rock to Metal.

angel rivera
Goood sound

Nice sonido y lo mejor que suena real ,en catado con el instrumento virtual.


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