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MIDI Bass Programming Tips
In this comprehensive guide on bass programming best practices, we unveil the secrets to crafting authentic and lifelike bass MIDI. Avoid common pitfalls such as maximum velocity MIDI, riff positioning errors, and robotic playing styles. Discover the power of the advanced humanization options that virtual basses have to offer and create music that rivals live performances with these essential tips and tricks.
Not All Clipping Is Bad: Unlocking the Creative Potential of Audio Clipping Techniques
Learn how to effectively use audio clipping techniques to enhance your productions. From the classic analogue clipping that adds grit to rock vocals and creates textured snare tracks, to the cautionary tale of digital clipping and its non-musical effects, this blog post explores the benefits and pitfalls of clipping in audio production. Find out how tools like SubMission Audio's Flatline can help you achieve clear, punchy tracks by shaping the sound of digital clipping with a touch of analogue saturation magic. Don't be afraid to experiment with clipping and take your mixes to the next level.
Why TruePeak is Irrelevant For Most Music Producers
TruePeak standards are often touted as essential for audio production, but what is it, and are they really necessary? This article explores three reasons why True Peak is largely irrelevant in music production and suggests an alternative mastering tool for achieving high-quality masters.
How To Use Audio Clipping To Level Up Your Productions
It was likely one of the very first things you learned about audio production: Avoid the red clip lights! Don't let the meters go into the red! Broadly speaking, this is very good advice, but like anything in life, the...
Programming Advanced Slides
Our new virtual bass instruments are powered by truBass technology, which allows you to program extremely realistic slides from fret to fret on each string. There is a slight learning curve, however, once you read below and download the MIDI examples,...
5 mixing tips and tricks for amazing bass!
Mixing low-end frequencies can be a challenging task, but with the right techniques and tools, you can achieve an amazing low-end in your mixes. Here are five of the best ways to do just that: EQ EQ, or equalization, is...
How To Compress Bass Guitar Like A Pro
Learn how to compress a bass guitar like a pro !The general aim behind compressing bass guitar is to even out the notes so that each one comes through at the same volume during a performance. The key here, of course, lies in dialling our compressors Ratio, Attack and Release settings correctly for the situation at hand.
MIDI Bass or Real Bass?
Here are the top 10 reasons why you should replace your bassist with a MIDI powered Virtual Bass plugin today!
  In order to purchase your upgrade serial, you must log in to our website using the SAME email address you purchased EuroBass 2 with. Once logged in, our system will automatically give you the correct pricing of $69 when...
What is truBass?
truBass allows you to program powerful bass-specific articulations in your DAW’s MIDI piano roll, these articulations are triggered and altered via MIDI key switching, velocity curves and automation. truBass allows you to have the most realistic 'Human' performance in any of our virtual instruments to date.
How to Program Sick MIDI Bass
  Hey everyone! If you're looking for some great 'how-to' content on programming SubMission Audio bass in your DAW, check out the videos below in use. Simen Sandnes, a very talented drummer and music producer will take you on a...
How Audio Clipping Actually Works in Mastering
"Enter: clipping! Clipping in the early days began as... a complete accident. It would occur whenever a signal would hit analogue-to-digital converters too hard, and result in the tops being chopped off..."