EuroBass III

Spector Euro 5 LX

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A Legend Is Reborn With TruBass Technology

The OG is Back

Mick Gordon [Doom, Doom: Eternal, Prey]

Eurobass has been my go-to bass instrument for years now! It’s so rich. The low-end fundamentals are rock-solid and each note is full of lovely harmonics that all work together to create consistent grounding for any track. Totally love it!

Jason Suecof testimonial image
Jason Suecof (The Black Dahlia Murder, Job For a Cowboy, Trivium, August Burns Red, Whitechapel)

Eurobass is now a normal part of my tracking process. It keeps my guitar players in tune, as well as helping me get my mix going before I’ve actually tracked bass.

Ermin Hamidovic [Architects, Northlane, Plini]

Through EuroBass 3 everybody now gets access to the studio-quality tone of my Spector Euro 5 LX. This bass has bailed me out on countless productions, and now it can do the same for you!


Upgrade from Eurobass 2

EuroBass III Features

  • Spector Euro 5 LX – the instrument that started it all, now fully licensed by Spector USA + (KORG)
  • Powered by truBass technology: industry-leading realism.
  • Interactive fretboard + A total 15 Articulations to create the perfect bass performance.
  • Plectrum picking, truSlide, truLegato, harmonic, slap, pop, tap, dead note and palm mute.
  • Use Force String to program exactly which string each note is played on.
  • Completely overhauled truBass slides. Slide exactly how you want - program start/end notes, with realistic energy decay over time.
  • Use Force String to program exactly which string each note is played on.
  • Pitch Bend up to 12 semi-tones! (or be sensible and stick with 2)
  • Fully Raw DI for your own processing + 2 Mix ready tones
  • 'Mixer' tab allows for limited tweaking of each tone.
  • New 'Humanize' feature. Goes from Machine through to 'Bassist'.
  • 'Position' knob acts as virtual capo, so notes will only play above the selected fret, unless they can only be played beneath it.
  • 'DOOM' mode: shrinks sample count, uses only the most punchy, clear samples, and maxes out the velocity.
  • An improved old industry-leading Alternate Picking selector people know and love from EuroBass 2.
  • Settings Menu allows: Rebinding Keyswitches, changing the tuning of the bass, and the bend range.
  • 16 plus sample round robin Finger Alternate articulation.
  • faq

    No, EuroBass 3 MUST be activated onto the same account that your EuroBass 2 serial is registered against. You cannot activate it onto a new account or give it to friends or family that do not own EuroBass 2.

    This Library can play from C0 - G4

    In short: 1 user, 2 machines.

    As stated in the EULA, the following restrictions apply to using this library on multiple computers:

    'Licensee may install and personally use the licensed software on two devices (e.g. one laptop, one work station), provided that the said software is used only on one device regularly. Simultaneous use on more than one hardware device is not permitted. If the single computer is connected to a multi-user system, this EULA shall apply to all users of the system. In case Licensee changes the hardware, all software on the hardware used must be deleted.'

    No. This product has official support with the Kontakt Player, which is a free version of Kontakt. It will be fully functional with no limitations or restrictions. SubMission Audio has partnered with Native Instruments to provide this compatibility to our customers.

    Demo mode in Kontakt occurs when you load a 3rd party library into Kontakt Player that does not have official support with Native Instruments. This places limitations and restrictions on the user and their creative process. We have partnered with Native Instruments on this release to allow you to use the free Kontakt Player with absolutely no limitations or restrictions.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a trial version at this time.

    No. Licensing is done via Native Access, which is FREE.

    No. This is a Virtual Instrument, made to be used with MIDI. The pre-processed tones are rendered in realtime and our samples and cannot be used as an ampsim.

    Please visit this link: How to install bass instruments

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    EuroBass III

    EuroBass III

    Spector Euro 5 LX
    Regular Price:

    Regular price $139.00 USD

    Upgrade Price:
    $69.00 USD

    963 in stock