About us

What We Do.

We aim to set the standard for virtual bass instruments and professional audio plugins - empowering our users to achieve their creative and technical goals with greater efficiency.

Who We Are.

SubMission Audio is the brainchild of Ermin Hamidovic and Andrew Scott.

Having worked in the industry for two decades, authoring the venerated 'Systematic Mixing Guide' and working with artists such as Periphery, Architects, Animals As Leaders, Plini, Devin Townsend, Ola Englund etc. Ermin understands the critical role that audio plugins and virtual instruments play as the foundation of professional-sounding records.

As any recording engineer knows, in order to get the best outcomes you have to nurture them from the source. What better way than to offer the sort of idyllic, pristinely-recorded tracks that all engineers fundamentally crave?

Our products are recorded and developed in-house by seasoned audio professionals. This enables us to think about the user experience at every step of development.