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DjinnBass 2 returns to redefine the benchmark for extreme virtual bass. Perfectly suited for heavy, progressive music.

$89.40 USD
$149.00 USD

DjinnBass 2

As we launched the original DjinnBass in 2020, we could never have guessed how much of a smash hit it would become.

The response was immense and immediate - DjinnBass was exactly what you wanted.


DjinnBass 2 takes the fundaments which made the original such a success, and blows them up to a completely new level - making DjinnBass 2 the unquestioned king of extreme progressive virtual bass.

We sampled one of Dingwall’s own final factory stock NG-2 models, in the most aggressive pickup configuration possible - resulting in a virtual bass that utterly excels at extremely downtuned music.

Powered by our next generation truBass technology, and dual-sampled with both pick and fingers, DjinnBass 2 is like having two bass libraries in one.

Ladies and djentlemen, we are proud to present: DjinnBass 2.


Our design ethos behind DjinnBass 2 is to get you the most crushing bass tones possible, without needing to mess around for clarity at extremely low tunings. As a result, we’ve packed DjinnBass 2 with 3 extremely potent tones:


DI: The raw sound of the instrument, captured directly via high end, studio-grade recording hardware. Process as you would any other bass - using your favourite plugins, pedals or amps. This allows ultimate flexibility; mix the bass on your own terms.


GRIT: Was developed to be an extremely versatile starting point for you to tailor DjinnBass 2 to your music. It can work from jazz fusion through to thall.


DIST: Imagine GRIT but extra. DIST includes an additional amp stage for when you want to unleash complete annihilation upon your music. The midrange gains additional texture for that unmistakable guttural sound.



DjinnBass 2 is a meticulously-sampled virtual model of the Dingwall NG-2 bass, powered by MIDI.


The tuning range

The tuning range of DjinnBass 2 is C0 up to D4. It’s been tuned perfectly across the entire note range, so it can act as a tuning reference whenever you’re recording guitars.


The DOOM button

Intentionally shrinks the round robin, giving you the most powerful, direct samples for reduced realism and greater consistency - for those times where variance is undesirable.



The Humanization control injects natural variance into the playback, for adjustable realism.


The Position control is a convenient way to select where on the virtual fretboard you’d like the performance to take place.

For absolute control, our Force String articulation can select exactly which string each note is performed on, giving you the ability to tonally match your guitar riffs 1 to 1.

Use the Configuration menu to rebind keyswitches, set the tuning of the bass, and adjust the pitch bend range for ultimate customization to your personal workflow.

Native Instruments - Kontakt

As an official Native Instruments partner, DjinnBass 2 runs in the industry standard free Kontakt Player, meaning you don’t have to worry about any additional hidden costs.Kontakt is the most widely used and widely compatible sampler in the industry, meaning there is a robust team of professionals available to make it work perfectly for you.

truBass Technology

Based on our next generation truBass technology, DjinnBass 2 features a ridiculously robust collection of articulations, including: Alternate Picking, Finger Picking, Ghost Notes, Slap Bass, Natural Harmonics, Hammer On/Pull Off, Tapping, truSlides and Palm Mutes.


DjinnBass 2 is our only dual-sampled virtual instrument. Allowing you to switch between pick and fingers on a whim, the tonal flexibility is like having two bass libraries in one.
The entire fretboard of the instrument is multi-sampled so that your virtual riffs sound exactly as intended. Ie. Playing an open D string sounds vastly different to playing that same D note on the B-string.


Our truSlide algorithm can slide from any note on the virtual fretboard, to any other note, at whatever speed or velocity curve you desire, to perfectly match the slides of your real guitars.

Intelligent Alternate Picking

Our proprietary tempo-synced alternate picking algorithm has a robust round robin that never sounds like samples are repeating, no matter the speed of your music.

Packet fresh’ tone

DjinnBass 2 was sampled with brand new Dingwall nickelwound strings, meaning that you always get that lovely ‘packet fresh’ tone, with no wear down. The average professional bass recording session often costs several times the price of DjinnBass 2 in string packets alone.


Hear it in action




Mark Holcomb


“DjinnBass has become a staple of my home recording process. I'm quite spoiled when it comes to bass guitar on Periphery records, given Nolly's awesome bass tone, and DjinnBass is the only bass software I've encountered that comes close to replicating that grindy, snarling quality that meshes so well with the guitar tones we typically go for.”


Jason Richardson

All That Remains

“I was WAY more impressed with this instrument than I thought I would be! This bass is my new go to/default for when I'm writing and working on new ideas now. The low end is insanely stable and the attention to detail you're able to automate is very intuitive! My new favorite bass player lol 🔥”


Sheldon Dingwall

Dingwall Bass Guitars

“Jacob Umansky has been a top Dingwall artist for several years now. His tone is textbook perfect. His technique and composition skills are off the charts! Jacob and the team at submission audio truly captured his sound and the essence of the Z3x flawlessly with this plug-in.”

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Customer Reviews

Based on 199 reviews
Anson Clark
Good product

Have thoroughly been enjoy it writing with the new plugin!

Zachary Wattus
The great gets better

DjinnBass was already excellent but the upgrade elevates it to another level. The tuning and string forcing features are easily my favourite thing about Submission's libraries and I'm thrilled that DjinnBass has been brought up to that parity.

Gabriel Morales

Having a lot of fun messing around with different tones and helps the creative and writing processes immensely!
Would love to see more preset tone selection

David Daijham Navarrete
The best sound!

This is the best sound quality I'm very satisfying with the plugin, but please... No more play with kontakt player, you can out independent plugin


Didn’t give me my serial number and if it didn’t it’s not very obvious on how to obtain/see it


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